boat lift storage system

Atlantic Yacht Services, a company based in the Costa Blanca. Atlantic Yacht Services is exclusive importer of Airberth floating boat lift storage systems.
Airberth systems can accommodate boats up to 15 tons. Airberth systems are the ultimate boat protection systems for salt and fresh water mooring.

Airberth, boat lift storage systems.

Airberth boat lift systems, to keep your craft safe, clean, free of maintenance and protected.

The Airberth boat lift system is easy to operate and does not require maintenance. The system is equipped with a fresh water rinsing system what cleans your ship after every trip and will keep your hull and propellers like new.

The Airbert is made from thick walled HPTE and is not affected by sun or seawater.
The boat lifts are designed to have a fifty year lifespan.

The craft can be launched and lifted in minutes and can be operated by almost everyone, is totally protected from seawater and other environmental influences.
The mooring is very easy because of incorporated mooring guides and the patented flexible support cradles will shape to your hull giving an even, stable support.

With an Airberth system you will protect your valuable ship from seawater, save on drydocking, antifouling and maintenance.
You also will be sure your ship is safe when you are not around, no worries when you are at home that a bildge pump will not start.
Airberth systems will buy you piece of mind and save on maintenance expenses.
Airberth dry boat storage system

Airberth advantages:

Airberth Boat lift storage systems:
 -Eliminate the need to anti-foul your boat.
- Eliminate the need for drydockings.
 -Minimise electrolysis and osmosis on your boat.
 -High Density Polyethylene plastic construction.
 -Portability allows for easy relocation.
 -No submerged metal parts.
 -Isolated air and water for added safety.
 -Models from 2300kg to 15ton capacity.
 -40% displacement safety margin.

As well as reducing maintenance time, an AirBerth floating boat lift also protects your investment because an AirBerth floating boat lift can help protect your vessel. It is endorsed by IRCM, the Marine Insurance Innovators, who are able to provide significant premium discounts to Airberthed vessels



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