Yacht Solutions

We offer yacht and super-yacht supplies, repairs and refits. We can manufacture all type of stainless steel products for your ship. Stainless steel 316, polished to the highest grade. Handrails, stairs, shower-doors, swim-ladders or any other item you need. Atlantic Yacht Services is the proprietor of the brand WATER WIZARD, an ecological disinfectant for freshwater systems.
super-yacht mooring lines.

Yacht and Superyacht Mooring Ropes:

We supply high quality mooring ropes, fender and anchor lines. Dock lines are supplied in the length you prefer. 
With leather protected eyes, length labels, stainless thimbles and high grade whipping. All lines have excellent UV resistance.
Beaufort is a double braided polyester rope, Depending on the diameter, the cover is 16-, 24-braided. The 12-strand braided core gives the strength to the rope.
Colors available: Black, silver, navy, beige, brass, carbon look or white.
Diameters available: from 10 till 72 mm.
Also available are the Ocean range which contains 3-, 8-, and 12 strand constructions.

Supply and installation of Zip Hydrotap

Zip Hydrotap

We supply and install the Zip Hydrotap. We have sold these units to several clients to great satisfaction. These units will, using the ships water, heat or cool down the water. Also the units can carbonize the drinking water. There is no need to purchase bottled water and separate cooling units. It will leave more precious space in your ships fridge.
                                                        Download PDF here.
Refit Denia Valencia Alicante


We organise and manage drydockings of ships up to 250 tons.
Underwater works, hull painting, staging, tenting or osmosis treatment. We also will maintain your tenders, safety equipment or rigging during docking period.


WATER WIZARD is an environmentally responsible liquid disinfectant, ideal for drinking water.
- Highly effective against Micro- organisms
  (including legionella)
- Highly effective against biofilm.
WATER WIZARD is ecological and dissolves after active life in water and oxygen. It replaces chlorine and has got no heavy metals, like Silver in the liquid. It will clean your system in a simple and effective way. You can find link to the WATER WIZARD web link at bottom of this page.

Engine-room supplies Denia Alicante Valencia

Ship spares or repairs:

We supply the right spares at the right price, or new products in order to improve or complete existing systems.
From pumps to filters, cutlery or toilet seats, paint or anchor chains, radars or stationary, a printer or printer paper, a snorkel or diving equipment, we supply it all in the shortest time possible. We will find spares for old engines, reductions or other equipment.
We can overhaul or repair used equipment.

Miele machines or spares.
Shell oils.
Electric motors.
All kind of filters.
Supply and servicing of life saving equipment.
Hydraulic supplies and repairs.
Deck supplies and hardware.
Engine room supplies and equipment.
Mooring and dock lines.
Hydraulic repairs.
Engine maintenance.
Welding and machining.


Special products:

  1. Grotamar® 82 is especially designed for the new generation of modern diesel fuel. The new formula provides way more protection for the tank systems and is as efficient against diesel pest.
    Grotamar 82
    Grotamar 82
  2. maxiStow inflatable fenders are the perfect choice for small, medium and larger size Sailing Yachts and Motor Yachts
    Mooring fenders
    Mooring fenders
  3. We have a full range of other mooring accessories in our range including our antiChafe rope covers, rail covers, dock covers.
    Antichafe rope covers.
    Antichafe rope covers.
  4. Shell Lubrication oils, supplied all over Spain including Balearic Islands
    Shell Oils
    Shell Oils