Superyacht Mooring ropes

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Atlantic Yacht Services, based in Spain, is distributor of Langman mooring ropes. 

Rope factory Langman was established in 1638. Nowadays Langman has got a very modern factory in The Netherlands.  The production department has a surface of 4.500m². Langman Ropes has got their own R&D-department and in house test facilities. Langman is supplier of well known shipyards like Feadship and Amels and many superyachts.

For the super-yacht industry Langman produces several kind of ropes:

The Beaufort is a double braided polyester rope. Depending on the diameter, the cover is 16-, 24-braided.
The 12-strand braided core gives the strength to the rope.
Due to this construction, this rope is good splice-able and very flexible.

UV resistance grade 6 (very good), test results available.

Diameter           Inches circumference    breaking load in kg    Weight per 100 mtr in kg

10mm                 1 1/4                                         2.825                                   8,5
12mm                 1 1/2                                         3.827                                11,5
14mm                 1 3/4                                         4.719                                15,7
16mm                 2                                                  5.469                                20,5
18mm                 2 1/4                                         6.250                                23,0
20mm                 2 1/2                                         7.400                                32,0
24mm                 3                                               10.418                                46,0
28mm                 3 1/2                                      16.621                                62,5
32mm                 4                                               21.414                                81,6
36mm                 4 1/2                                      26.921                             103,0
40mm                 5                                               33.039                             121,0
44mm                 5 1/2                                      39.667                             154,0
48mm                 6                                               46.907                             184,0
52mm                 6 1/2                                      54.759                             216,0
56mm                 7                                               63.019                             250,0
60mm                 7 1/2                                      72.094                             287,0
64mm                 8                                               81.578                             326,0
72mm                 9                                            101.972                             412,0

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Other lines for super-yachts produced by Langman are Ocean 8, an 8-strand braided polyester rope and Ocean 12,  a 12-strand braided polyester rope. These ropes are very easy to splice and very flexible.

- Flexible and good splice-able
- Kink free
- High tenacity polyester
- Excellent UV-resistant
- Specific gravity: 1,38
- Robust and luxurious look
- Water absorption from 0,5 to 2%

The Ocean 8 range can be supplied till 128 mm. diameter, the Ocean 12 range reaches 36 mm.

Langman Ropes manufactures apart from mooring ropes several special products:

- Rope hull-rope fenders and bow fenders.
- Stairs and gangway barrier ropes with stainless end hooks.
- Rope and pilot ladders.

You can see a brief history about Langman and information about their product in following link:
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<img src="mooring-rope.jpg" alt="Mooring Rope with Leather">
<img src="mooring-ropes.jpg" atl="Mooring Ropes Spain"/>


Special products:

  1. maxiStow inflatable fenders are the perfect choice for small, medium and larger size Sailing Yachts and Motor Yachts
    Mooring fenders
    Mooring fenders
  2. We have a full range of other mooring accessories in our range including our antiChafe rope covers, rail covers, dock covers.
    Antichafe rope covers.
    Antichafe rope covers.
  3. Shell Lubrication oils, supplied all over Spain including Balearic Islands
    Shell Oils
    Shell Oils
  4. Spares for Caterpillar engines.